The Secret, Rahasyam Telugu Book

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Rahasyam Telugu Book

Author : Rhonda Byrne

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Rahasyam Telugu Book : Author : Rhonda Byrne

The Secret – Rahasya (Telugu) is the Telugu version of the book written by Rhonda Byrne. The original version of the book was written in English and translated into various languages, including Telugu. The book reveals the life-transforming secret to happiness and success, which is supposedly many centuries old. According to Byrne, many successful and intelligent people like Einstein, Leonardo, Galileo, and Plato knew the power of the “Secret”. References to the Secret are found in our philosophies, religion, literature, traditions, and history, but they were never directly exposed to the World. The knowledge of the Secret since centuries has been accessible only to an elite few. The Secret is now revealed in the book by eminent authors, thinkers, philosophers, and scientists. The Secret, which is based on the Universal Law of Attraction, gives the readers the power to attract whatever they want in their life from the universe. One can now be the master of his/her own life by understanding and applying the Secret.


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